Kresge 2017!

Shout out to all campers, you guys killed it despite difficult weather. The Kresge spirit was alive.  Here are some pictures. xoxo




Kresge is Sold Out!

But don’t panic – put your name on the waitlist asap.

Waitlisted campers are often accommodated. Please read below before putting in your request. Thank you!

Waitlist Request

The waitlist for this trip is handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Requests can be made for only one person at a time – if you are planning to go with a friend, they must submit their own request.

If a spot opens up, we will send you a notification via email. The spot will remain open as yours to claim for two hours.
If you do not claim the spot within that time it will be made available to the next person on the waitlist. Please respond promptly to avoid missing out.

Click the link below to request a spot on the Waitlist for this trip.

Submit Waitlist Request

See below for trip details and accommodations.



Please join us for service planning the trip at our weekly planning meetings: Thursdays from 7:30 – 8:30 pm, Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St. (bet W3/W4), basement room


Trip Details




Camp Kresge, Located in White Haven, PA., in the Pocono Mountains


  • First Level – Tenting – $200
  • Second Level – Regular Cabins, (Upper & Lower Villages) plus the Swamp Cabin – $250
  • Third Level – Premium Cabins – $300
  • Children 12 & Under – Half Price / 5 & Under Are Free

As always, a small transaction fee will be added at checkout, which is the amount Paypal charges NAGL. It may appear as a “shipping” charge.

$100 Deposit Required To Register And Reserve Space

*Balance’s are due one week prior to trip start.
*Deposits are non refundable within two weeks of trip.
*Cancellations within one week of trip are subject to 50% trip fee forfeiture.
*Cancellations within 48 hours of trip are subject to 100% trip fee forfeiture.


  • 4 Days 3 Nights Lodging, All Meals & Beverages, Full Access To Camp Facilities, Round Trip Transportation
  • Chartered Buses Depart Friday, 2:00pm Sharp From: West 38th St., between 9th & 10th Avenues, please arrive by 1:30pm
  • Scheduled pick up time at Camp Kresge on Monday is 1:00 PM.


Kresge has a plethora of activities available for campers. Some are put on by the Kresge team and others are put on by your fellow campers. Each year the Kresge team puts on the following activities:

  • Main daily meetings around the camp fire in the upper village
  • Love mail – each camper that wants to participate puts up an envelope with their name and other campers can write them friendly notes
  • Ice cream social – to help kick off Kresge and go over some basic orientation information we host an ice cream social in the mess hall on the first night
  • Dance – a themed dance is thrown on Saturday night
  • Talent show – Sunday night we have the famous talent show, anyone is welcome to participate, information about signing up will be given by the talent show chairs at various points before the signup period
  • Pavilion BBQ – we bbq up some delicious dinner on Sunday night


Sorry, no pets are allowed at Camp Kresge.



Campers can set up their tent in designated areas on the land. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN TENT!


There are 12 cabins divided among two Villages. Seven in the Upper Village and Five in the Lower Village. The Villages are less than 50 yards from each other, and at most, a one minute walk between them. There is a brand new community Men’s & Women’s bathroom containing a minimum of five stalls, five showers, & five sinks. It is located in the Upper Village behind the Shawnee Cabin. Each cabin contains four bunk beds, housing eight people in an open space with no private rooms. The Upper Village is where we have the campfire and where we hold the main meetings. This is also where people will be staying up late playing music, singing, making smores, hanging out, etc. It can get a little loud at times. Generally this will not disturb you if you go to sleep early, but if you are a light sensitive sleeper, it might, so if you think this is you, we recommend that you ask to be put in the Lower Village.

A general blueprint of the cabins: Cabin Blueprint

Important Notes

  • Each bed is just a mattress, there is no bedding. You will need to bring your own sheets, pillow, blanket, etc. A sleeping bag is generally a good option.  The weather can be tricky up there. It can be extremely hot during the day, but get really cold at night. There is no air conditioning or heat in the cabins, so try to account for both conditions.
  • There is no running water in the cabins.
  • There are three dressers in each cabin.
  • There are six windows in each cabin, so ventilation is good.
  • There are electrical outlets in the cabins.
  • There is absolutely No Smoking allowed in any of the cabins.
  • Each Cabin has its own deck. You can put your chairs, wet towels, etc., out there.
  • The Cabins go around in a horseshoe/circle, and we usually try to alternate with male/female from one to the next.

Housing, Roommate Requests

If you have a friend, or a group of friends, attending the trip, and you would like to request to be put in the same cabin together, please let us know. You can do this when you register online. Just fill in their name(s) in the text box marked: “Cell Number / Cabin mate Pref’s”. Please don’t request opposite sex cabin mates. There are no co-ed cabins except in the case that we have 8 adults all requesting to be in the same cabin, more details given below.

If you are registering by other means, please inform us then. Please be aware that if you request to be in a cabin with a friend, make sure that he or she hasn’t requested a different village than you.

We cannot guarantee exact cabin requests, but we will try to accommodate everyone and changes can be made, if need be, once we get up there. Please keep the requests to Lower or Upper Village, and people you would like to be in a cabin with.

There are no coed cabins per say, but we will try to create one, or more, if we have 8 consenting adults. This can be couples only, non couple male and female friends, or a mix of both. If you’re requesting this, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. Please remember, the cabin is an open space with no private rooms. Please only make this request after all 8 campers have fully registered.

We will try to create a “Family” cabin for adults and children.

If you’re not sure of your Village preference right now, choose “I’ll Get Back To You”. If you have no preference, choose “No Preference”. If your not sure of your Cabinmate preference(s) right now, write “I’ll get back to you”. If you have no preference, write “No preference”.

What to bring


  • Bedding sheet, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag
  • Toiletries
  • Beach, bath, and hand towels
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun block
  • Flip flops
  • Bug spray
  • Flash light/lantern


  • Hiking shoes
  • Sweatshirt or light jacket (It can get a little cold at night)
  • Plastic or metal camp mug
  • Lightweight collapsible sitting or lounge chair
  • Camera
  • Yoga mat
  • Something to read
  • Musical instruments
  • Sporting – Athletic equipment (Frisbees, baseball gloves, bats & balls, footballs, etc.)

Note for Smokers

Smokers, please field strip your cigarette butts; When you’ve finished smoking a cigarette, stamp it out then pick up the butt, separate what’s left of the paper and tobacco, you can dispose of that part anywhere, it is biodegradable, pocket the filter part to dispose of in a trash receptacle. This is really quite important since Camp Kresge also serves as an asthma camp during part of the year.

For reservations or further information please contact

Registration opens Friday, August 4th, at 4pm. Please direct all correspondence to